Sheep well-Shop!

  • our „exhibition-room“ is a true treasure trove for lambskins and lamb-wool products.
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The peak of pleasure

  • we offer 5 differents forms of cheese, which are available in variable quantities depending on the current season
  • fresh meat from lambs which we slaughter at home is available upon a request you make in advance
  • other lamb delicacies: sheep sausage & salami, liver pâté and meat loaf from lambs
  • „Most“ (applewine) and naturally cloudy apple juice
  • different sorts of schnapps and liqueur:
    apple, pear, cherry, plum, herbs and much more…
    The experience we have gained over decades and our modern distillery equipment ensure highest quality!

Every year in Advent there is a Christmas fair combined with the „Mostheuriger“ Connoisseurs of our place appreciate it a lot, also because of the many delicacies which are not available at other times in the year: air-dried meat, salted and smoked meat, bacon, sausages, …