Our sheep!

Mountain sheep:
This breed is found in Tyrol of Austria and Bolzano of Italy.  It is a coarse wooled breed, belonging to the Lop-eared Alpine group, which is kept for meat production.  The Tyrol Mountain is similar to the Carinthian but has better wool, a white face and longer ears. The breed is also occasionally pied or black. Both sexes are polled.
East Friesian milk sheep:
Friesian milk sheep, polled in both sexes, with white wool and white faces, ears, and legs all clean of wool. Their most distinctive physical feature is a "rat-tail", thin and free of wool.

Sheep well on the sunny side!

From 1976 on we converted our farm continously from cow owning to sheep owning, and we specialised ourselves in the breeding of „mountain sheeps“ and „East Friesland milk sheeps“.

After spending the winter in the stable, the sheep are led onto the lush meadows as soon as the trees are in blossom. In summer, the mountain sheep are found on either a near alpine pasture. The milk sheep spend the summer nearby the farm, because they are to be milked twice a day.

In autumn, when all sheep are back in the stable, they are shorn!

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